Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rolling Stone Magazine mentions Upstage!

The 10 Best Moments From Bruce Springsteen's 'Surprise' Charity Concert

This is a wonderful honor and I am so grateful that the writers mentioned the club! Thank YOU is an understatement. Click the rolling stone picture to see the article.

I have" high hopes", that soon,  rolling stone will write an article that introduces the masses to the venues desperate plight,as well as the book!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Upstage Club Makes History

In April's 2014 rock and roll hall of fame inductions of the entire E Street Band, the upstage club was proudly honored to be mentioned in the speeches of many of the members. The role it played is forever immortalized in the words of the kids who made it so special....and then, made it to the hall of fame.
I could not ask for a more wonderful tribute.
My many thanks to the musicians who remembered this small venue in their moment of greatness.
I present to you compliments of rolling stone magazine...first...Bruce Springsteen and his
induction speech:
Interview with Patrick McCarty of insight talk radio!!!

You are in for an amazing treat!
This interview with Patrick McCarty is worth every minute of its listening.
Patrick, does a very moving reading of my grandfather's story, The Crying Man. Mixed with clips from real historical news reports, this is an audio documentary that is like no other!
Grab your copy of the book snuggle down and get ready!
Have a listen here:

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Just a reminder that I do post most of my updates on the Facebook page for my book, here is the link:

Be sure you like it and share it often.

The building is still for sale to date. No changes have occurred since my last update.
There are some factors that don't really add up, but I can't explain or understand it, so patience is our best bet. I can not explain why it continues to sit there, with zero attention from investors or history enthusiasts given its very unique and intriguing nature. Maybe politics is a problem? And I don't think any of us can side step that kind of issue. But if we all continue to show it support by sharing the books story on our social media outlets, we can at least have the chance to catch the attention of someone with power,money,and passion for this amazing piece of history. Advocates are the buildings only hope. Time and again, it's been proven, that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
So please, educate yourselves by reading the entire story in the book, FOR music's sake, then share it with friends, and start a chain reaction. Pulling resources from everyone's reserves is the best and only way we can get off the ground floor with such a large Under taking.

I appreciate you all. And I have enjoyed the new people I've come to know thru social media and the stories and reactions to the book. I hope you can all, continue working v on the dream...

Talk soon...

Carrie Potter Devening

Monday, April 28, 2014

Book and Project to Save the Upstage Building Update

Much has happened since my last blog entry. It can all be seen in more detail on my books Facebook page entitled:  For Music's Sake Asbury Parks Upstage Club and green mermaid cafe.

The last 2 months has seen a resurgence of effort to preserve the building due to the current owner listing it for sale.

Here are links to follow the activity:

My latest fund raiser:

My temporary non profit donation site:

My book ordering outlet:

My latest greatest promo:

Bruce Springsteen Complete Rock & Roll Hall of Fa…:

Upstage Club Visit:

Save the Upstage Club in Asbury, NJ!:

Vini Lopez:

**I'm interviewed at the 30 minute mark**
Rockin' Rich Lynch on the Radio Show #029 with DO…:

Latest news articles:

Friday, July 12, 2013

Book Review in Hip Rock Magazine Online!

Finally! The book gets a review in something other than a Boss Related publication as a book about MUSIC, not just Bruce Springsteen. I am SO thrilled, thank you HIP ROCK for reading and reviewing my book! I hope you all enjoy it! Be sure and leave a comment here, and on my Facebook and Twitter accounts!!issue-8-special-feature/ckkv

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Oh, and I forgot to mention, that December was a super duper incredible month locally as it saw my first two local radio interviews. Much thanks to the morning shows on 101.3 BOB FM with Max Booker and Beth, and Terry Hunt on 92.9 SHOOTER FM. Great time had by all of us as we went thru the book and stories on air. I look forward to being back in the studio and to possibly talk to CMA album of the year winner Eric Church, about his new song "springsteen" and introduce him and welcome him to the "club". I hope to be on air with Dwayne Wells and Tammy on the local oldies 95.7 FM station, and numerous other regional Rock stations very very soon!